Donnerstag, 16. August 2012


You tell me equestrian is not a sport.
You tell me it's easy.
You tell me it takes no skill.
You tell me we just sit there.
You tell me we aren't athletes.
You tell me it's just a silly hobby.
But I asked YOU

Have you ever trusted something so unpredictable, something that has a mind of their own?
Have you ever fallen 10 feet up, brushed yourself up and got back in the saddle?
Have you ever jumped something taller than you?
Have you ever had a connection with a 1400 pound animal?
Have you ever preformed an intricate dance with an animal that doesn't speak your language?
Do you understand the delicate bond?
Have you ever had a teamate 10 times your size?
Have you ever risked your life for a sport?
So before you underestimate us, think to yourself.

   Riskiert ihr jeden Tag euer Leben für euren Sport? Ich schon.

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